About the Consulate

About the Consulate

The Consulate General of the Republic of Uganda in Guangzhou was established in August 2011, and officially opened in July 2012. Its area of jurisdiction (Consular District) covers four Provinces in Southern China, namely: Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region and Hainan. 

Together, the four provinces have a combined population of about 200 million people (2016 estimates) and cover more than twice Uganda’s size, with a total area of 572,700sq.kms. Guangxi Province – the largest of the four – is almost Uganda’s size, with 236,700sq.kms, followed by Guangdong Province with 179,600sq.kms. 

As a Diplomatic Mission, the work of the Consulate is supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Consulate also works closely and in coordination with Uganda’s Embassy in Beijing to harmonize and create synergies, especially with regard to economic and commercial diplomacy activities.

The Consulate has the same Vision as its parent Ministry, namely: contributing to “A conducive Regional and International Environment that promotes a Secure, Peaceful and Prosperous Uganda in which the interests of her citizens are at the Centre”. 

The Consulate’s Mission is “to promote and protect Uganda’s interests in the four Provinces of jurisdiction in Southern China”.

In line with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strategic objectives, the Consulate is mandated to carry out the following five strategic objectives:

  • Promotion of economic and commercial diplomacy;
  • Provision of diplomatic, protocol and consular services;
  • Promotion of public diplomacy and enhancement of Uganda’s image;
  • Strengthening institutional capacity; and
  • Mobilization of Diaspora for national development


As a Consulate located in China’s commercial hub, the core of its work to economic, especially attracting foreign direct investment Uganda as well as outbound tourism.