The Embassy

Certificates of Good Conduct

Sometimes, foreign nationals who have lived and worked in Uganda are required to have certificates of good conduct certified by the Consulate. Please be advised that the Consulate only certifies these certificates where when it is required. It is the responsibility of individuals to process and pay all associated fees the issuance of the certificate by Uganda Police. Please check the link below for details. 




Generally, foreign nationals travelling to Uganda require entry visas. However, nationals from some countries are visa exempt. (Check if your country is visa-exempt at the Immigration Department link).

All visa applications and payments are done online. Successful/approved applicants can get their visas issued at the Consulate or at the points of entry.

Services We Don’t Provide

The Consulate does not provide the following services:

  • Issuance and renewal of passports, national Identity Cards or any such government issued personal identification documents
  • Payment for any form of accommodation, hospitalization and medical treatment
  • Payment for air tickets, overstay charges and repatriation of remains of deceased Ugandans
  • Payment of legal fees for any civil or criminal justice proceedings