Uganda Consulate, Guangzhou celebrates 57 years of Uganda's Independence

Monday, October 14, 2019

The Consul General of Uganda Consulate, Guangzhou on Friday 10/10/2019 hosted Ugandans to a dinner to celebrate 57 years of Uganda's Independence at Garden Hotel, Guangzhou

 He informed Ugandans present at the dinner of the Mission's role in China and emphasized the need for Ugandans in the Diaspora to contribute towards national development.  He therefore requested their continuous engagement with the Consulate to find ways in which they can contribute towards social economic development of Uganda. 


 A group photograph of the Consulate Staff and some of the Ugandan business community who attended the dinner

 The Deputy Consul General, Mr.  Steven Ssenabulya responds to questions raised by Ugandans during the dinner


Across section of Ugandans who attended the dinner.