Amb. Judyth Nsababera: Counsul General

Amb. Judyth Nsababera: Counsul General

I am Ambassador Judyth Nsababera and I would like to welcome you to the official website of the Consulate General of the Republic of Uganda where you will find all the information you need on our services and programs here in Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to Uganda also known as 'The Pearl of Africa' - for its beautiful scenery, abundance of wildlife, pleasant 'warm all year round' climate, and friendly and hospitable people. Anytime is a good time to visit Uganda which is home to the largest population of the world's remaining mountain gorilla, the source of the River Nile, the second longest river in the world and the longest river in Africa, and with 1,062 species hosts 12% of the world's bird species and half of Africa's bird population. From the snow-capped mountains of the Rwenzori to Lake Victoria - the world's second largest fresh water lake, there is something for any traveler looking for an adventure and to connect with the natural world.

With favorable climate, fertile soils and a wide range of natural resources, Uganda remains one of the fastest growing economies in Africa offering opportunities in Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction and services. By investing in Uganda, you will have access to the fastest growing regions in the world in both population and GDP, an open secure and enabling environment , a strong natural resource base and readily available and competitive labour costs.

Whether you are looking to visit Uganda for business, education or pleasure, need information regarding business and economic opportunities or are interested in learning more about our programs and activities in Guangzhou and across the People's Republic of China, my team and I are looking forward to serving you.

For God and My Country.