Requirements for Renewal of Passports

  1. Completed Passport Renewal Form_A (download below)
  2. Two (2) passport size photographs. The photos must be bright, show all facial features and both ears, and should have a white background.
  3. Submit the old expired passport to be renewed
  4. A prepaid, self-addressed Priority or Express return envelope must be enclosed with applications sent by mail. Regular envelopes are not accepted
  5. US$100.00 non-refundable Money Order payable to Uganda Embassy. Replacement of lost passports costs US$100.00.  Applicants in Canada sending money orders in Canadian Dollars must ensure that the amount is correct at the prevailing exchange rate or else their applications will be delayed.  

Passport processing time is 2 business days. Replacement of lost passports may take longer especially if the applicant does not know the File Number of the lost passport.

Please note that passports can still be renewed six (6) months before they expire.